How to scrape data on the web with scrapebox seo tool

Have you ever wondered how all of these SEO’s scrape the web and get big lists of data? A lot of SEO’s do it scrape lots of potential blogs they can automate and post blog comments to, to get a link back to their site. Well, it’s possible with a tool that goes by the name of scrapebox, it’s only $69 and it’s probably the best SEO tool that I’ve ever used, it saves me a lot of time and effort having to browse the web and manually collect all of these sites that are worthy of commenting on to get backlinks.

Using Scrapebox

So .. how do you do it? Well, you’ll firstly need to get your license of scrapebox which you can do my going to the official scrapebox site. Once you have your license you wil need to install it and get to grips of the basic fundamentals of the tool, learning how to import footprints, scraping proxies, IP’s, queries and such. It’ll take you a good couple of weeks to get to understanding the software fully but once you do, you’ll absolutely love the tool just like I do.


So once you’ve downloaded scrapebox and you know the basics of the tool, you’ll need to get yourself some scrapebox footprints (my favorite list is at in order to effectively use the software and scrape some decent results. I personally use the WordPress footprints that SEMtuts have listed in their footprints post. Once you have taken the footprints from then, populate the ‘harvester and keywords’ section, include the keywords that are relevant to your niche and import your proxies.

Why Do You Need Proxies?

Good question, you’ll need proxies to stay anonymous from Google. If they find out the chances are they may decide to penalise your domain or to de-index you due to malicious activity. You can get a range of different proxies using the proxy harvester built it, but it’s not that good from my previous experience. If you have some budget, you can invest some money (below $10) to buy some decent proxies from a proxy company. You can find osme by Googling scrapebox proxies.

Once you’ve got your footprints and proxies in place you an then go ahead and click ‘Start Harvesting’ and scrapebox will go and find a ton of different blogs that you can post to.

So this is tutorial #1, if you have any questions please do let me know. While you’re at it, it may be worth checking out these funny memes I found. Have a good day all.


A collection of the funniest SEO memes that we’ve found on the web

It’s always nice to step back from what we do best: SEO and to sit back and look at some memes that’ll brighten our day and make us feel a little bit better about ourselves after dealing with a frustrating client or a pretty bad day at work.
After dealing with a frustrating client recently I found myself searching the web and Googling for ‘seo memes’ to see if there was any memes out there that relates to my current situation and jeepers, I found some and they are simply hilarious. It definitely did brighten my day and it’s always nice to know that other people are going through the exact same thing that you are when it comes to search engine optimisation or search engine marketing in general.
Below are some SEM memes that I found around on the web that I found particularly amusing:

A funny meme by Matt Cutts telling us that 'You're as strong as your weakest link'
A funny meme by Matt Cutts telling us that ‘You’re as strong as your weakest link’
Yet another Matt Cutts meme  .. 'How many SEO's does it take to change a light bulb? Light bulb lightsbulb  light-builds, CFL light bulb etc
Yet another Matt Cutts meme .. ‘How many SEO’s does it take to change a light bulb? Light bulb lightsbulb light-builds, CFL light bulb etc
I',m not sure why I paid for SEO, but my rankings, traffic and sales haven't increased'.
I’,m not sure why I paid for SEO, but my rankings, traffic and sales haven’t increased’.

There we have it, there are some more memes that I found but I plan to use those in a future posts. I’m pretty tempted to make this a recurring thing on this blog and to regularly post SEM-related memes, so that includes seo memes, ppc memes etc. Let me know what you think about that.

If you want to continue finding some memes, I found a few of these on the┬ásemtuts seo memes post, they have some relatively good ones and I’m pretty certain they have a similar idea as us in terms of regularly posting memes.

So yes, that’s all today folks, if you have any recommendations of what memes we should have in our next post, please do send them along to us either via the contact form or our social channels (Facebook, Twiiter, Google+ etc.

Have a wonderful day all, feel free to leave comments!

Welcome to the most awesome SEO blog you’ll ever encounter (not kidding)

Hi all and welcome to our newly formed SEO blog that’s going to better your understanding of all-things search moving forward into 2017. This blog will be dedicated to improving your understanding of all of the best practice SEO implementations that you can mke to your site to further improve it’s visibility in the search results. We’ll cover the following:

  • Best practice implementations in 2017 that are by Google’s guidelines and are penguin-friendly;
  • Google algorithm gossip and recent updates to make sure you stay on top of everything;
  • Latest news and updates from the SEO & SEM world

The blog is currently being developed and maintained by a group of full-time SEO’s that have been working in the search industry for a while now, from being in-house SEO’s to becoming freelancers and managing teams in-house for big ecommerce companies. The information that will be provided to you on this blog will be relevant, best practice and nothing that could affected your sites overall search performance due to bad search tactics.

Welcome to our SEO blog

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