Welcome to the most awesome SEO blog you’ll ever encounter (not kidding)

Hi all and welcome to our newly formed SEO blog that’s going to better your understanding of all-things search moving forward into 2017. This blog will be dedicated to improving your understanding of all of the best practice SEO implementations that you can mke to your site to further improve it’s visibility in the search results. We’ll cover the following:

  • Best practice implementations in 2017 that are by Google’s guidelines and are penguin-friendly;
  • Google algorithm gossip and recent updates to make sure you stay on top of everything;
  • Latest news and updates from the SEO & SEM world

The blog is currently being developed and maintained by a group of full-time SEO’s that have been working in the search industry for a while now, from being in-house SEO’s to becoming freelancers and managing teams in-house for big ecommerce companies. The information that will be provided to you on this blog will be relevant, best practice and nothing that could affected your sites overall search performance due to bad search tactics.

Welcome to our SEO blog

If you’re interested in widening your SEM knowledge, please do bookmark this page and re-visit on a regular basis to get updated with all things search. You can check out our about page to learn more about us, or if you have any questions please do let us know.


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